Direct My Steps, Help! It's a Prayer Request.
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Direct My Steps

We walk by faith, not by sight.
(2 Corinthians 5:7)

Maybe it's the fact that we live in an imperfect world, where hurt and suffering are so rampant, we want to take as little risk as possible. But trusting God is not a risk. Trusting in yourself is.

Help! It’s a Prayer Request.

Dec 27th at 2PM / 11 notes

I was worried about my friend who is a Christian, but unfortunately He thinks he is born as a gay. By viewing his blog, I see the loneliness, the emptiness of his heart. I was shock when I read those paragraphs, it was empty, the words are full of hatred of whats happening in his life, the family he want and the family he have right now.But can’t blame him, cause I can feel him, Growing up with your relative and just having your mother by your side yeah it’s lonely. And then I remember the sermon I heard when I attended a service in Victory. When I heard the words that the pastor had said, I cried because I knew those words is what i needed the most. Growing up in a family that are not complete, is really lonely, I got to see my father just a couple of months and then he’s gone again like a year and returned again, at first it’s like meeting a stranger again and again then i got used to it. Yeah he gave all I wanted in life, leisure everything but I don’t need those I need love, I needed to be loved by someone. So I looked it in others, my friends and even looked for a boyfriend. After loving my boyfriend for almost a year I didn’t find it. I got into several relationship and still it didn’t worked. Then I met God, He restored me, He remove my loneliness my emptiness, He filled me with joy, He filled me with hope.  I want to help my gay friend in returning to God. He is so lost in this temporary world. living in the darkness, living with his desires. living with a monster in his head telling him that he is born gay and telling him that he doesn’t need to change. But still I’m not losing my hope that he will change, some time ago, I asked him if he is favored in same sex marriage, I am shock he answered no. Still he believe that there is God. I want to help him. But I’m afraid that I might say the wrong words. So pray for me, pray for him. That he might come again to the Father that truly loves him.

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